Indonesian rosewood door handle

Sonokeling is a type of wood from Indonesian forests that is well known throughout the world. This wood has other names in international trade, such as Indian rosewood, Bombay blackwood or Java palisander (England), palisandre de I’Inde (France). Sonokeling has the advantage of having a good texture and a sharper texture, this type of wood is relatively more rigid than teak wood.

We combine these wooden with teak wood to make quality door handle products with high artistic value.

Door handles that are done with a neat and detailed process. The final finish is good, making this product a worthy choice. With a classic and classy look, this product will be an alternative for everybody bored with iron or stainless door handle products.

Specifications: Handle length 34 cm, weight 350 gram approx.

You can be personalized according to your wishes. If you are interested in ordering it, you can contact us via WhatsApp at 087736029494.

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